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Most experts cited in the factual articles are national.  However, if enough time is given, Shannon can usually localize reprints to a specific market.


A Grand Relationship. A Close Bond Between Grandparents And Grandchildren Is A Win-Win Situation. Explores the unique relationship between grandparents and grandchildren and explains some of the huge benefits both parties enjoy as a result. About 990 words with a 200 word sidebar.  

A New Normal: How To Help Your Child Weather Crises, Disaster Or Change. Offer parents helpful information on what to say, how to cope and how to eventually heal during tragedy, crises or major upheaval. About 1010 words with an optional 456 word side bar.

Art Smarts: How Exposure To The Creative Arts Offers Numerous Benefits To Children: Approximately 800 words with an optional 330 word sidebar.  Outlines how exposure to the creative arts enhances a child's development, academic skills and self confidence. Lists the different types of creative arts with examples and offers ideas on how to easily incorporate them into everyday family  life.

Back To School Rules: How To Ease Your Kids Into A New School Year.  Offers tips on how to ease some of the anxiety and challenges associated with back to school.  1010 words with a 490 word sidebar.

Beyond Busy?  Learn To Avoid Being Over Committed This School Year. Explores some of the consequences of over committing, suggests ways to evaluate requests for time, offers effective ways to compromise or say no when over committed and assures parents that taking time for their own self care actually makes them better parents. About 945 words with a 325 word sidebar.

Breastfeeding Basics: 10 Tips You Need To Know Before Giving Birth. A 700 word article outlining 10 expert-approved tips for parents new to breastfeeding; includes a 250 word sidebar.

Caught In The Middle: How To Help Your Child Transition From Elementary To Middle School. Offers parents insight into the anxieties and issues their new middle schooler may face and explains how to help them make the transition. 1045 words with a 245 word sidebar.

Charity Begins At Home: Encouraging A Giving Spirit In Your Child.  Offers parents information on how to develop empathy in their child as well as suggestions on how to start reaching out to others as a family.  About 930 words with an optional 397 word sidebar.

 Crossing A Very Thin Line: How Physical Discipline Administered In Anger Can Escalate To Child Abuse -  Beginning A Vicious Cycle With Sometimes Devastating Consequences.  (This article won Parenting Publications Of America's Gold Award For Investigative ReportingExplores the slippery slope of physical discipline and explains the severe consequences of the same.  Approximately 1000 words.

The Lowdown On “Diaper-Free” Babies: A 880 word article offering general information about the infant potty training movement.  Has an optional sidebar.

Food Allergy Alert: What Parents Should Know About Food Allergies. A 650 article which outlines: the symptoms and causes of food allergies; diagnosis and treatment; and tips for families with living with food allergies at school and at home.  Includes an optional 200 word sidebar.

How To Stop Excessive Worry And Start Enjoying Your Family.  A 945 word essay for mothers who've felt a high level of concern for their family is part of the job description, but may not realize the harm excessive worry can cause.  Explains the difference between useful and toxic worry.  Offers a 245 sidebar as well.

How To Take The Hassle Out Of Homework. Explains why so much homework is assigned, helps clarify how much help parents should give and offers tips on how to effectively manage homework. Contains a sidebar with a list of homework help websites which house fun activities that can help explain or expand on a huge variety of topics. 975 word body. 275 word sidebar.

The Logic Of Sodoku. 700 words introducing the basics. Explains the benefits to both adults and children and offers several examples of puzzles with answers. Includes a sidebar listing websites that offer free puzzles for all levels of play.

Meningitis: A Silent Killer In Close Quarters: A 700 words filler (including the sidebar) that covers general information on meningitis including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Our Best Shot: Navigating The Immunization Maze With Information And Education:  An objective look at the current debate about vaccines and their potential side effects/links to disorders like autism, ADHD and SIDS. Discusses opt-out options and offers information from both sides of the debate. The optional sidebar gives parents a place to start to obtain more information.

Painless Profits: Fundraisers That Are Actually Fun. Offers six unique money making ideas that strive to strengthen family and community ties, are not overly burdensome or expensive to participants, and are usually easily embraced and supported. About 991 words with a 115 word sidebar.

Putting Yourself On The Shelf? Parental Permission To Get A Life! Encourages modern parents who have put their pre-parenting dreams on hold to prioritize self care so that they are not telling their child to follow his bliss while ignoring their own. Suggests painless, small ways to incorporate joyful pursuits into everyday life. Approximately 870 words with an optional sidebar.

Scared Silly: Are Scary Stories And Fairy Tales Harmful To Your Child? Explores how children internalize today's scary stories and yesterday's fairy tales and offers tips on how to evaluate children's literature.  About 995 words with a 425 word sidebar offering appropriate fairy tale anthologies for all ages.

Saving Grace: The Importance Of Cultivating Spirituality And Religious Tolerance In Children:  Outlines the basic beliefs of the world’s 7 major religion and discusses the importance of parents sharing beliefs while honestly answering any questions children may have about other religions. Approximately 1000 words/ 200 word sidebar.

Stealing Innocence: Don’t Let Thieves Snatch Your Child’s Identity.  Sheds light on how thieves obtain children’s personal information, offers tips on how to safeguard a child's identity, and provides suggestions on what parents should do once a theft has occurred. 990 words with a 35 word sidebar.

Study Strategies & Testing Tips: Simple Ways To Sharpen Study Skills & Boost Test Scores. Takes parents through the entire process of learning and offers tips on how to teach children to effectively record and retain important information, study more efficiently, and ace tests. About 1,000 words with a 315 word sidebar.

Sweet Treats: How To Manage The Onslaught Of Sugar This Halloween. Suggests healthy and fun alternatives to offer trick or treaters and offers creative suggestions for the excess candy that comes with Halloween. 954 words with a 270 word sidebar.


A Red Faced Rite Of Passage: A Mom Shares The Agony Of Waiting For The Nostalgia Of Childhood To Kick In.  A 996 word essay for parents who've felt the sting of a child who no longer sees mom and dad as the all-knowing, ultra-cool center of his universe.

All Mothers Work.  A slice of life essay which chronicles my search for self worth as a new stay-at-home mom. Having been both an employed and non-employed working mother, I share my view that all mothers work very hard. Written in a reassuring, humorous tone, it is approximately 1000 words. Appropriate for Mother's Day 

Fast Lane By Station Wagon. A personal and brutally honest essay about my struggle with the acceptance of my life as it as today, considering the promises I made to myself as a young adult. About 2265 words, but could be edited down. 

Heart Smarts.  A light-hearted piece about teaching children the importance of evaluating beauty and love based on a person's integrity, kindness and actions rather than external, fleeting physical beauty. Appropriate For Valentine's Day.

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